Building Blocks For Successfully Raising a Blended Family

About The Author

  My purpose for writing this book is to provide stepping stones and building blocks to mothers that find themselves in the role of a stepmother and for potential stepmothers, while raising a blended family. Sometimes in life we’re thrust into certain roles without the proper tools and guidance, we error and make life altering mistakes. Raising a blended family is challenging, but the rewards far out-weigh all the challenges you may experience. Let’s get rid of the ugly Cinderella Stepmother image and stereotype that so many people have come to know; and become the mother that every child deserves to have in their life. Embrace your new role as a mom (not just a stepmom) with confidence, not fear; with joy, not resentment; and most importantly with love, and not hate. My goal is to empower, equip and motivate you, as you embark into your new journey of raising a blended family. You have what it takes and you can do it. Be the change maker and make a difference in the lives of the child (ren) that have been entrusted into your care.